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Friday, April 19, 2013

Art Therapy

One of the major blessings of living in the Cave Womb is it's proximity to the art studio / glassblower's paradise / creative centrix of my friend Sheva Chaya. I'm watching her build the Yam Suf ("Red Sea") in her courtyard.

I'm being inspired and invited to make the mosaic-topped table that I've been dreaming of since 2006.

It could happen! Right here in Tzfat where courtyards, art supplies and supportive friends can be

The evolving "Yam Suf" glass and mixed media installation in progress! April 2013 / Iyar 5773

Gangsta Glassblower and Artist Sheva Chaya

Makin' Waves, waves of hand-blown glass - blues, speckled whites and a splash of green...

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