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Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Brain Has Been Taken Over By TV

It's an unwired world, Paul Allen! finally, after 55 years of TV watching, it's really taken over my brain. Entirely unplugged.

Ever since the horrible Boston Marathon tragedy last week which turned out to be a terrorist bombing, the identification of two Russian brothers from Chechnya as the suspects, the shootout death of one and the capture of the other has hit the news, my brain has gone on overtime script-writing mode, calling out for Jack Bauer ("24") or Carrie Mathison ("Homeland") to jump in and DEAL with it! 

For some reason I've yet to identify, my brain has grabbed on to these events and is calculating every possible scenario so I can figure out what happens next - and it hasn't even happened yet. I feel like I'm watching a TV show on the American news (from right here in Israel, which by itself is weird enough!) and the show is going too slow AND the writers are leaving obvious holes in the script!!!

What I'm most concerned with at this point is the possibility (and in my opinion, probability) of the captured suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev being G*d forbid murdered in the hospital where he's currently in serious condition after his capture. Of course the TV script writer me is already imagining CIA agents dressed as nurses giving him a lethal dose (Insulin overdose)? to prevent him from talking.

Already today they've announced he has some kind of "throat injury" that prevents him from speaking.

I know Jack Bauer wouldn't let that get in his way, neither would Carrie. 

Were these brothers double agents? Were they patsies and did the real terrorists get whisked away? What's the Saudi connection, was it political at all or was it completely personal/pathological as is being suggested by the uncle of the young men? Did the older one recruit the younger one? Was the older brother an Islamic "baal tshuva" on a mission and did the younger one go along for the ride, perhaps to try to save his brother? Did they have absolutely nothing to do with it and are being framed?

My other "this may happen any minute" scenario is that one of the bereaved family members is manipulated by a CIA operative to assasinate Dzhokar Tzarnaev in the hospital - what a "Jack Ruby" move that would be, nobody would question the emotions of a grief-crazed family member to see if the CIA was behind it.

And then there's the KGB, which is a whole other level of hurt. How do I know all this? NOT just from TV, I can assure you. My own brushes with the Mafia (most notably the Chinese Mafia in 1999 and the Georgian Russian Mafia in 2007) give me a lot of background in this subject matter.

Chechnya is a fucking scary place. My former KGB operative friend told me that in all the places and situations he's ever been in his life where danger lurks, Chechnya is the only place that made him shit his pants - perhaps even literally.

So - please G*d let this man live to be interrogated (and please don't let them be STUPID enough NOT to read him his Miranda Rights, as is currently at this moment in the media whirl being suggested) and please G*d let the real TRUTH somehow come out - even though the odds are against it. AND it's taking WAY too long!!!!

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