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Monday, June 3, 2013

Am I A Candy Or Am I A Breath Mint?

I've been working simultaneously (I guess because of all the Gemini transits) on both my professional web site Lorelai Kude and also on my Astrology web site "AstroloJew." Although it feels perfectly normal to me to have two (at least!) super-developed areas of competency, because they're so diversely different it's clearly "brand confusion." Am I a media mogul or an astrologer? Am I a candy or a breath mint?

Like Certs, I'm two, two, two things in one. I'm a candy AND a breath mint, I'm a media mogul AND an astrologer. Because I contain "a sparkling drop of Retsin" (yes I do, Retsin spelled backwards is Nister, which can be read as a translation of the Hebrew word Nistar which means mystery).

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